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mitchelkSuper Member!

United States

February 15, 2008

Sure, sometimes ESL classes are scary and uncomfortable. Students are worried about making mistakes and teachers are forced to be the language police. Still, teachers and students can be friends and the ESL classroom can be a really fun and entertaining place -- a place where friends meet.

I really try to make my students feel comfortable. I don't force them to do too many things and I try hard to keep the class exciting. But how do you know if students are comfortable?


Well, this week my students showed me, how much they love the class, their fellow students and ME. I was so surprised. Yesterday, on Valentine's Day, two of the students got gifts for everyone. We all got balloons , candles, picture frames, candy, chocolate and a personal card. I was so impressed that they got everyone presents.  

Both students were from Mexico. I found out the in Mexico Valentine's day is celebrated on the same day (February 14th), but it is called "Dia del Amor y la Amistad." That translates to "Day of Love and Friendship."


On the "Day of Love and Friendship," my two students from Mexico celebrated the friendships they have in class. They wanted to show their friends how much they loved them. I was just so happy to included as one of their friends. I felt so lucky!  And I was excited that they had made friends in the ESL class. 

 I wonder how teachers can encourage friendships in class. Do you have any ideas? I often have students work together, but what else is important to developing a safe and friendly ESL classroom atmosphere?


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07:13 AM Feb 27 2008

take me love


12:08 AM Feb 26 2008


Hi Mitchelk,

My name's Altanbagana, short name's Bagaa, Mongolian.

Do you have any knowledge of our country...

Extra blue sky, harsh weather, horseman...and modrn cities, it's all about Mongolia.

Great Chinghis Khaan is our ancestor.

I would like to improve my englis and want to write "Historion book",Please talj to me and write to me everybody who want to know my country.


Kind regards Bagaa,

07:40 PM Feb 25 2008


Saudi Arabia

hello Mitckelk,Smile


 u makes to me exciting for ur activiteis Smile

so im very eager to learn E , so i wanne keep in tuoch

with u because i wanna inmprove my E ,,,,,

 so let we do that ,,,,, give me a thing that i shaould to

do it ,,,, to learn E faster ,,, i know u r a teacher  Laughing so u

have a goood mothod to learn ur student ,,,, 

( im serious to doanything  what u want )





11:54 AM Feb 20 2008



I think it is very important:

1) do not force (so they can learn more free and relaxed) .You do it so, OK, passed ;)

2) if you show that their cultures are also interesting for you. .You do it so, OK, passed too ;)  (we can see how you respect this mexican people)



11:40 AM Feb 20 2008



exciting! You can be proud of yourself, really. I do not need to ask how can students get motivated , you have achieved it. I'd really like to be part of your class and know you personally.



07:13 PM Feb 19 2008



it's a little bit impressive and i believe that you must be a very good teacher...thanx for sharing that

07:54 AM Feb 18 2008

nate_straight guy

That's so nice of your students.Smile

On Valentine's Day last week, I had a conversation class
but it's apparent that there were less student than as usual.
We guessed that students who were not presented that day
must have had some special with their lover.
So what about us? We found that everyone in class was still single at all.
So desperate....Cry Haha...

Anyway, my English class is fun because all students are active
to participate and talk.... which is maybe too much... Haha.

11:14 PM Feb 17 2008


Hi, mitchelk,I know you are a good teacher.You want to produce good atmasphere and want to keep friendship.I support you.As a student,I like a teacher who want to make friends with us.I think,a good ESL atmasphere depends on the cooperation between the teacher and the student.Even sometimes my teacher let us do something we don't want to do,I always think ,it is good for me,and I will do it.So maybe a good teacher should encourage us to do something useful for us.Good luck for you!

04:40 AM Feb 17 2008



Good students

Good teacher

Good class

Good job


02:04 PM Feb 15 2008



hello! when r u teaching in this website?? :)