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United Kingdom


November 19, 2007

I've got stupid dreams ! Last night I had the most crazy dream ever... but I don't know english very well so I cant writting this story in here ;] heh it is make me laugh, and dreams are so so nice, and day is better coused this dreams ;P

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmg_n1X5KaM&feature=related this clip is san but AMAZING !!!!

November 13, 2007


I am one of people who will neverrr neverr wear a fur !... I never ever wanted a fur, cuz this is not my style but even if it was I must say: no for fur ! I decied of that, when I saw a horrible movie with asian people killing poor animals... and they riped off their skin, when their lives yet !!!!!!!!! You imagine what this animal feeling? Oh I WAS SOOO SADD, I was crying so bad, and couldnt believed that people are able to this hateful things !!!!!! I have rabbit. His got a beautiful further which some snob definitely wanted 'it'.. but if they'd give me for example a 1000 dolars I will say to them: fuck off stupid, without heart nit.... my animals Mezo is part of my family, and his is not a thing, which we could sold to death !


I am one of people who dont eat a meat. Sometimes I thought that I cant exsist without meat, and I will have a plights and problems, and I to come down with. but I realized that I can !!!!  I saw a documentary movie about killing animals for mealt, too. It was worse view. They kills in unnormal situation, and this animals hurts so much ! I don't want to give hurt anyone... And my health wihtout meet is excellent ! I have a lof of energy, and I always must do something ! :) I have not got any problems with lack any vitamins, or proteins. Everything is fine.. ad if someone gives me a 1000 dollars for meat my rabbit, I will kicked his/her ass...


What the hell is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!! People whos watching this had got a brain? !!!!!!! or maybe you lost it ??? !!!!!!! what is funny of which that toreador kills innocent animal (bull) before eyes 'ppl' ? This is kind of  entertainment a rich snob ????? it soooo fucking upset !


When I was a child my paretns got me ones in my life to circus. I thought then it is so cute seeing an animals on real. But then I did not be aware of their sufferings... and when I grow up I realised that cirus is bad thing. They don't cares about of animals, they bits their, and keeps in small cages !!!!! I will never take my children to cirus !

Animals were first in this world. They are also like we - people, had a feeling, wise, and needs. Without animals we will be deprived. Why we are not respect their ? They deserve it......

01:04 AM Nov 16 2007


United Kingdom


this is diferent side ... I know of that that we taking away animals' areas, but they has got a parks, preserve, forests, where they could to live... (in soup they are dead...) I thing the Earth belong to human, and animal too... we're sharing this planet...

Transport... it bringing about demages, but we cant live without it... I'm constrain transport as I could, and using of them when situation is exstremaly... I usually walking on my foot, or ride a bicycle, I dont have a car, and I dont want to...

Clothes... I using fabric not with part of animals. so cosmetics too.. I never buying cosmetic which was tasting on animals;/


baby ??!?!?!?! no ! I dont want to baby now ! I am too young ;]

05:34 AM Nov 15 2007


Russian Federation


You are extremely impressionable...

Are you ready to give birth to your baby? It's very hard!

I think people destroy animals not only by eating them. They build factories, cities, where animals lived. But you accept it. You use cars, underground, clothes, markers, refrigerator etc. Just all of it's destroying animals....

 See you,


November 4, 2007

Why hour of entering of my post is not right like fact hour ? It is 11.30h, but in my post is other ? hohoho :P