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United Kingdom

October 12, 2007

Hello there ! I am writting again he, yes but this post will be not happy...

yesterday i gone with my friends into pub ... I had hope that I talking with them, but everyone was been busy.. this is complicated to understand but I feel in this company like I'm lost... since some time ... :( So, as you imaginnning I was bored... and when I wanted going to home, everyone was stopping me ... what for ? for that everyone take cares of their partners, and I sitting alone ? yyy

So one moment I was gone to my house, and ran into some stupid guy in exclusive car... and this stupid boy stopped at srossroads with intention turned to left .. (I walked on the left because on this side pedestrian crossing is..) but none of cars werent driving and he still stopped... he probably waited on me ... because he looked at me... he thought that I like his car ? and going to get with him ???? stupid asshole... when i saw that he stood I walked to another side of road hahaha and he already gone ... in this side isnt pedestrian crossing so I must gone with road without p.c :P but this stupid boy saw that I was joked with him ha ha

I dont know if I wrote good this post ... probably no, because I dont know very well english tense ... but it doesnt matters...

see ya ...

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