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United Kingdom

October 24, 2007

it is not like in this song performed by Garbage 'Im only happy when its rain... its bull.. and its contarary... IM not happy when weather is baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Today and from two days Weather is terrible... only rain, rain and rain.. is boring in that weather... I dont know what am I doing... cant to go for a walk, cant to go in park, cant sit in town market and drinking a cold beer..  I'm only sittin' in home and studying english, cooking, and hehe boring ble ble ble :)

Honestly I hate rainy season hehe and autumn is something like that... but not usually... sometimes polish autum is soooo sooooo beautifull, everyday sun is shining brightly light, forests changing own colour - fronds from green colour, metamorphosing to red, yellow, brown, oragne, its so amazing view... espesially when fronds falling on ground, on green grass yet... I cant tell you that temperature is not cold like in winter and is not heat like in summer, is something between this two things, that is warm:) but in this year autumn is bad, its raining, is cold, and not positive mood...

I hope that will changing tomorrow :) becasue everything is possible in our weather:)

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