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April 3, 2008

Tomorrow it is Tomb-sweeping Day In China. And it is the first as to be a legal holiday. On this day Every familay will come to graveyard to recall the died relatives. And children may be arranged to graveyard to recall the martyr as an Patriotic education. But in shanghai, citizens will do it one month ago. It seems no tomb in shanghai city. They must came to adjacent city for example suzhou city. At this time, the transportation is heavy. The bus, the train is no seat. It has becomes a social phenomenon. If you want to go out of the city, you must be order the ticket advanced. They bring fresh flower,sandalwood and some paper money along. The flower will be put before the grave. And we light the sandalwood and burn the paper money. The money is made of paper and also have different value such as 100 yuan, 1000 yuan, even 10000 yuan. And can be metal color or be a fake corn. We burn the money in front of the grave. Then the died relatives will got it to become rich which will improve their life level. Now I am outside. I have no chance to burn the money to my ancesters. Ok, God bless them and bless them healthy and happy in the another world. They fostered my mum, my dad. We will do our best to have a better life quality.


April 2, 2008

WinkToday it is April 1 day. Yesterday I slept at 0.45 April 2. And we kept so late for 4 days. So tried. After free from the job, I came to CT friend's house. My bf will mend the computer for her. My bf worked overtime for 1.5 hours. When he came to CT's house, it is already 8.00 pm. Had a supper and then began to mend the computer. But there is no wrong with it. Then my bf pointed out bring this host computer match the display. Then he maybe find the problem. So we went to urban area after 40 min's cars. The process we ignored. At last we reinstall the mutipulation system. And install office software. It is 11.35pm. When we got home, it is 0.15 am. Yeah, when we got in home, the professor came out and talked with us. Until 0.55 we slept. I thought I will not stand up when I fallCry……..

March 31, 2008

On March 30, a professor move to our house and live adjacent to me. at first, we thought It won't change our life. But I am wrong.

He is about 60 years old and to be a reseacher in shanghai city economic academe major in Japanese ecnomic research, asia pacific economic.he is well famous in Japanese and china. he often publishs articles in publication or his owen books.
He masters Japanese and once lived in Japan. He can do stimultanous translation in Japanese.he did not tell us his name. but we indeed found it by some words in google.

Ok here. But his life is also different from us. He works in deep night and will come back to his own house. That is he won't sleep in our adjacent room.
He talked to me about the life style of Japan, their habits and the  tabu.