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November 19, 2010

And the story continues, but with the sadness of your departure. The millions of thoughts, the non-answered questions, in the middle of the doubts and sorrounded still by the unreallity.

Letting you go should be sane, not thinking about the things we dont have, about what you dont give, what you dont correspond...but there's still the madness, the irrational joy that the words you said, provided me.

I am in nowhere, and im not planning to move. It´s nowhere  the place where i belong, in the middle of the memories. There is nothing, never existed and never will. Still, here i am...where is it? a place where for a few days i found joyful.

 I am here...where are you?

November 14, 2010

Between the contradiction, against the reason, far beyong the desires, just in the middle of nowhere.

Where the mind is involved in lies, the heart is involved in dreams and the body is involved in loneliness only limited by the distance.

If you ask me what do i hope about it all, what will I have to answered?

 Nothing, cause nothing exists until we decided it will do. So, am i losing my time when i having so much fun? Can i protect my heart from dreams, unwrapped my mind from the lies and go away? 

If world is made by consistancy and reality, theres nothing around my world where i can percibe that. So this unreallity you have provided me is much more real that the reality itself.

Until the last goodbye ill be sorround between the contradiction, against the reason, far beyong the desires with a smile on my face. isnt that enough?



03:58 PM Nov 21 2010



@hendershawn  Hi, thanks a lot for the comment, its an honour to read that :)

04:38 PM Nov 20 2010



  Yes Ugor . I agree also . That was a lot of fun to read monibaca. I'll definately keep my eye out 4 more expressive writing from u . 

01:17 AM Nov 20 2010


ın fact life is simple but ı dont think that shorth.

we never know shorth or long.If we think shorth about life.this opinion get us wrong think about life.

life is one day...we born everymorning and we die everynight.

everyday is new life for us.

time only 3 days.yesterday today and tomoorow.

yesterday past  today is our life..and prepare for tomorrow.and we never hope tomorrow arrive to us..we never know  arrive or not.

ıf we think of always life is shorth..evil can use to us. and can make us selffish and bad people.

thats way..yes we will think life is today.

but we will do good things.that happness to arrive to us.

we never forget that we can die.and we will remember we can die.

we never forget life value before die arive to us.

we never forget healty value before patient to arrive to us.

we should know ourparents and ourfriends ourbrother and sister value before we lost them.

 we should know to help people who need help.this will give us peaceful.

and we should know to smile good people..and we should know to brave against to bad people over the world.

we will see ..life is shorth but value ıf we make true things.

best regards 


09:14 AM Nov 14 2010



@anarchotaurus I agree with you, logical stance should serve for both mental and emotional...but sometimes i found logical so boring, so repressing  but so safe at the time.

Thanks a lot for your comment :)

07:16 AM Nov 14 2010

Marshall Islands

I'm impressed by your eloquent way of expressing your feelings. However sticking to logical stance serves for both mental and emotional state of mood in the long run.

July 18, 2010

When do we stop dreaming about the future?

who told us that we shouldn't dream but to put our feet on the ground?

When  we were children, we used to dream and every dream was so posible, but time passes by and we stopped dreaming about the possible future, and we try to do the reasonable things we need to do, just to satisfy family, friends, lovers, goverment, who knows, a lot more...

 Is it a crime to dream? Can we accomplish our dreams? Can dreams come true?

Those are my questions because, after you are not allowed to dream, you become so scared, but what the hell!, life is too short, lets dream, lets make dreams a reality, lets keep us dreaming and working for making the surreal a reality.

 Lets buy a ticket to dream our future!


12:22 AM Jul 21 2010


Saudi Arabia

it's nice topic to disscuse about

everyone is dreaming but the difference frome one to another are dreams ! do it have some reality or not ? some dreams with hard work or smart brain you can to achieve it but some ones it's impossible to achieve it even if we will try with both hard work and smart brain .

12:01 AM Jul 19 2010



some ppl accomplish their dreams, but the others sleep and continue dreaming.

I want to be the first kind of ppl, never give up always keep trying tell we reach our goal..

I know that actions are louder than sayings but inshallah we it well come true..

great topic to talk about thanx alot.




05:52 PM Jul 18 2010


i used and still using the tickets till now i didn't stop and i think i won't stop

nice topic Cool

05:36 PM Jul 18 2010



Thank you!! I'm really glad you like it :D


05:30 PM Jul 18 2010

just a person
United Arab Emirates

I love your blog , i love your ideas and i love your words :D

All your words are true :D i always dream about my futrue .. and why not ? it might be true one day .. who know !!

Thank you for your amazing words dear .

greetings from Dubai :D

lets by a ticket to dream .. ( let me put it as a personal msg on my msn :) )