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June 22, 2010

Everytime I hear this sad song, it moves me in so many ways, not only because the letters show that the person is waiting for the loved one to come back again and in some way he wants her to know that he's empty without her; but for the way the person feel about the situation, taking for granted that he can't do anything to change the present because he doesnt have the last word. This song is called The Mysery by Sonata Arctica whose lyrics I´ll paste down: The Misery (Tony Kakko) I write the lines you want me to, With the words I dare to use of all the ones that you have taught me, Along the years You cast a perfect shadow on the paper, fade away with sunlight, I fear the way you know me, love can leave a stain... You steal my only hope and make me stay awake another night, I wish you bear with me, stay near me When the Autumn leaves have fallen.... Solitude, my pain, the last thing left of me.. chorus If you fall I’ll catch, if you love I’ll love, And so it goes, my dear, don’t be scared, you’ll be safe, This I swear. If you only love me Seven lonely lies written on Deadwinter’s night, open the only book with the only poem I can read In blood I sign my name and seal the midnight with a tear, burn the paper, every line for them I cried… (chorus) I am the Playwriter and you are my Crown, make me cry for your love, like you’ve done many times, so I know I can’t write these storylines without you, Lady pain, make me strong, can’t we be together without them forever… The words I write can only hurt you, sorry for the rain, thank you, my only one, you gave me this pain I leave you gently on the floor, take one step towards the door, where’s the letter never written, goodnight now…

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View all entries from Monica'a blog >

04:34 AM Jun 23 2010

Amar pandey

Sadness realizes me about the facts, to which I am unknown. I like sad song.