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United Kingdom

March 21, 2009

Oh My Lord, My Protector, My Keeper

Be My Witness Today That I Bleed Inside Whenever I See My Muslim People Die

Oh Allah Be My Witness That I Submit To You, And Under No Circumstances Will I Give Up On Your Worship

All Those Around Your Beloved Servants Despise And Mistreat Those Who Call Out Your Name

Oh Allah Be My Witness That I Confess To You And Only You That I Am Weak And In Need Of Your Guidence And Strength

Oh Allah Be My Witness, That I Preach Patience Rather Then Jihad, Forgive Me For My
Fear Of Death

Oh Allah Forgive Me For My Lack Of Patience I Know That Indeed When I Had No Worth You Gave Me Worth, Oh Allah Forgive Me For When I Was Nothing You Made Me Something

Ya  Allah I Seek Refuge In You, Certainly, We Only Have Power Over Our Enemies When You Perfer Us Over Them

I Know We Have Decreased In Imaan, And Due To That I Ask You To Enlighten Us Day And Night

Oh Allah Be My Witness, That Through Any Means Necessary, I Shall Fight For Your Cause, And Not Out Of Anger In Which Many Of Your Dear Servants Have Been Overcome By The Injustice On This Earth,

Oh Allah Help Us For We Are Those Who Pray To You Day And Night

Oh Allah We Are Those Who Submit To Your Will

So Help Us For You Are The Only Helper And Only Protection We Have

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03:21 AM Apr 22 2009


Saudi Arabia

i'm happy for u brother plus proud of u...may allah bless u n' stabilize ur feet on the right way ...

05:16 AM Apr 18 2009



may Allah bless u and gather us all together in His pardise ...amen salaam

10:14 AM Apr 04 2009

in his name almighty
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh my Allah...it was really really beautiful...i'm impressed by your words....may Allah bless u  and protect u and all muslims

09:39 AM Apr 04 2009



how nice words you put friend , yes god is our protector and our keeper

my alahh bless you


06:18 AM Mar 29 2009


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