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July 6, 2010

hi fans,

in this year, i believe,  i will  more talk, chat and write with you.

i think, i have been inproving my languages skills, so it will be easyer to contact everybody.

please! have no anxiety about me!

06:41 PM Jul 06 2010


Saudi Arabia

Dude, that's great that you've been improving

I'm excited to read your next blog. I believe it would be amazing 

Good luck 


July 10, 2009



in a short - time, my first week will ending and at the time i was very glad to find ebaby :)


all people was friendly and open for interesting ideas.


thanks all friends who send me her interesting messages.


see you soon.

July 7, 2009

this was the first day on ebaby,


it was nice.

i find my frist friends and i have talk about people from all the world :)

see you soon...ebaby!

06:20 PM Jul 07 2009

Homeboy Jin

I'm new here,too!I also desire some friends here,shall we?