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nada kurmeno


June 21, 2012

since i got into college if been dreaming about this day 'the graduation day .but since its almost here iv been wishing if i could go back in time and tell the younger version of me dont u dare dreaming about this day becauz its awful X0..... yap its awful i mean now i have nothing to do , i get no allwence , icant see my friends and crushs every day like i used to do , i dont go out much any more and the graduation preperations OMG i dont even want to go there it sucks :the dress the money the pepol the student the teachers that parents who r by the way i keep reminding them thats it just my graduation not my freakin wedding !!!!!!hello pepol its just driving me crazy i dont want to dream about my wedding any more .....any way i realy waant all of this to come to an end but to tell the truth i will be kinda sad when it  does 2 but thats how life goes wright ??? we should keep moving forward not matter how much we hated it cuz i see life as a line averyyyy long one aveosly u have to move forward to let athers move forward too so we r sourt of connected pepol sooooooooo im doing it for u *_' i know its a lame excuse  hahaha but any way thanx for stoping by and reading me complaning and nagging about crapy thing and sorry if i have any spelling or wrong voc after all im learning englishWink

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