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December 6, 2007

why this society is so unfair. we all have parents, brothers and sisters, we all have passion,love,dream...... we are the same whatever where we are come from. but the truth is that we're treated unfariely.

the world is full of suspicion,dirtiness,violence,envy...... we always lost in this world and can't control ourselves,but we have no choice,cuz this is the basical rule of the society.

we all have passion and dream. but sometimes others don't believe what we said and what we did. so who can trust us and whom we can trust?

I am a very commen girl of them. I have to work to support myself and my family so that no one will look down on me. However God likes kidding on me. I got a job but i didn't like it. No one around me trust me.Worse,they look down on me, just because they think they are the citizens of the capital.Worst, even my fellow-townsman looks down on me, just because he lived in the capital for 6 years and he considers himself as a citizen of the capital. What the hell does he think who he is? He is just a mutineer,loser and poor.

what a tragedy! I'm really confused. I'm wondering when the sun will arise again so that i can freely smile。

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06:17 PM Mar 16 2014

United States

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11:13 AM May 31 2008



Hey Tongue out!!wake up Nancy,dark has already left don't u see a blue color spread on clouds,it means a new day has come so then u should remember ur friends ,they will always be there 4 see u smilingLaughingthe sunshine is just near you!

11:24 PM Feb 11 2008


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09:06 PM Jan 01 2008

happy Hellen

Oh!my dear friends! I don't know how to describle my feelings! I only to say "Everyone must have troubles in life,but you must belive there are many real friends in our laugh.and our parents love us" I think as we  are youthful so we have many troubles. but evrything will past.  I hope you can solve your problems,and happy everyday!