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September 15, 2007

Oh Gosh..how sun is important in your life? In my it's exactly the point. I love to turn my face to sun and feel the heat. Lovely :)...I wish in my country sun would be shining all the time. 

Stupid topic? I don't think because sun causes that our body produces more vitamin D which is useful in creating bones. Besides, it makes happier and more beautiful ofcourse. But it's important not to overdose it.


Greetings :D :D :D 

08:05 AM Sep 26 2007



The sun is so important to me as the air!!!!

I did not know that you from the north liked the sun so much. So, come to Brazil!!!! Visit Brazil!!!!

 Kisses, girl...


September 13, 2007

I don't really know what to write at the beginning Laughing...maybe about studies that I'm starting on 1st October? Yeap !!! Just in several days I'm starting my studies connected with English language, which is my favourite Cool. Why? I do't know why it's English I'd like to know better. But the thing is that I'd like to do something connected with using this language and it makes me happy that I finally can!!!!! 


Greetings and kisses :***** :) :) :)