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November 6, 2007

I woud like to know more about prepostion like at,in,on,over

09:28 AM Nov 26 2007



Hi,my dear friend.I will use the prepositions in the sentence for you.

I was absent at school yesterday

The earthquake occured in 1999 in Turkey

I spent on much money.Therefore,I was penniless.

I believe in being succesful in my lessons.

Have you ever been to ─░stanbul?

03:58 AM Nov 23 2007


well i think there is no problem about searching for preposition but the use of it. the problem is how we use them, in right sentences or in paragraph. like example, my future girlfriend ndlela always want to sit beside me.so BESIDE here is the preposition.

    another e.g There is something wrong between you and me. but I like it because we are becoming closer and lover.  

    so look at the preposition I used here___BETWEEN, AND!

  By the way these are just an example ha.hehehe, hope that it will come into reality its true!  I love that song!