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April 4, 2009

Nowadays, we cannot ignore the fact that bribery is one of the most serious problems in many countries. And it has captured most people’s attention because of it’s on rise.

There are numerous reasons for this social phenomemon,but in general, they come down to three major ones. Firstly, as the proverb going, Birds die for food. The richers pursue their political purposes via taking brebe. Secondly, manufacturers making payments to obtain quicker approval of some projects. Thirdly, the weakness of government’s supervisor.

It is high time that the government concerned took some effective measures immediately to cope with the situation. Perhaps, the most important measure is that to build a code of  conduct that would ban the giving and seeking of bribes. Besides,there will be less bribery when civil servant’s salaries increase.  

March 14, 2009

I met him in the class. Once a week. You can’t image how excieting I am on Wednesday. The first I saw him, I thought he was a student like me. However, he is a English teacher, coming from USA. Handsome ,not very tall. Elegant,wise. And ,a little serious. He smiles, touchs his hair and talks about history. We drinked in his show. Finally, I met a handsome guy in my college since I came in Fuzhou. The style that I love most. Don’t take it seriously!. I just appreciate him without any foolish thoughts. Sharing the joy with you! May you happy ,too.

08:37 AM Mar 16 2009



To ampclick:

Do you mind telling me about this love story?

I am so interested in it!

Thank you !

08:34 AM Mar 16 2009



Ha ,ha. i have to clarify it!

actually, i just amazing to the handsome teacher.

maybe i was a little infected by my students.

sorry to misleading you!

11:04 AM Mar 14 2009



I think  you are in love ...

10:01 AM Mar 14 2009



I have ever been falling in love with my teacher when I was yong. she's so cute.

March 6, 2009

A male had gone because of his pernament disease.


suddenly it happens without symbols.


I shocked.


It reminds me of the young pilot written by Duras.

The pilot made everyone cry.


A stranger.

I never saw him in our college, and I heard of his death.


I didn’t cry.

But I was sad.


He is only 20 years old ,maybe younger.

However,he died.