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September 26, 2009

Today is not a day like the other ones. Today is even worse.... nostalgic day...

I feel bad, a bit depressive, so senseless.........  Actually I'm kind of frustrated... yes... because I couldn't do anything I planed to.

It's so awful, isn't it??? We fill up our schedule, plan our activities..... timed, starting now, and then... ohh... everything is going wrong =/

 heheheeh.... I believe that it's a message: Everything which we plan, goes wrong. It's unbelievable, have you ever realized about it???

Hope you have enjoyed your day better than I did... and now, let me (try to) have some fun reading and learning English at Ebaby... heheheh... I feel so much better now!

 Bye for you all :)

see ya next time I write here ;)

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