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September 27, 2009

I saw in the news that here, in Brazil, in October 3rd, people will be able to throw their old-fashioned eletronics (such as mobiles, laptops, computers and so ones) away...

Yes, literaly throw away, there will be a competition :).... but calm down, we're not harming the environment, 'cuz these gadgets are going to be recycled, the truth is. This "competition" is just to give some fun to this event :)

The report said that the goal with this exotic competition is to discuss about the eletronic's disposal and, in addition, ease the problem of disposal in ordinary landfills.

Well, Finlind have been doing this competition for 10 years hehehe

 I think this competition will be funny, somehow... yap, because that will be the time to revenge our angry before these eletronic things which always stop working rsrsrsrsrs.... and needless to say... we are recycling, helping the environment

Finally I see an act which is is worthy to congratulate, because until now, I'm tired of seeing people using their intelligence to useless stuffs, such as war, crime and so ones...

 And what about you guys??? what do you think about this? I'd be glad to hear your thoughts.... Comment please!!!!


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