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September 30, 2009

Yeah.... I feel like summer is on its way, but it's still september..... =/

I say this because I feel OK now....

A few months ago, I've felt depressive, and I've been diving in too deep into the sadness sea.

yes... believe me, I used to cry alone very often. kinda frustrade about my life... so senseless :(..... everything seemed to be going wrong

Work, study, problems and so ones which seemed to never get to the end

But fortunately, I could go through this, and here I am, feeling better than never! (I guess)

Well, what can I say about that? Sadness and happiness....... we have good moments in our lives, as well bad ones..... it's just a matter how we solve them (or the way we face them).

Hope this feeling is not just a temporary one. I wish, of course, it can stay by my side forever :)


Summer is on its way.... yeah... it is...


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