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October 1, 2009

I'd like to talk about self-interested people for awhile.

self-interested: those people who use and abuse someone else in order to get what they want.

 Nowadays, it's not rare to find a self-interested person, unfortunately, and needless to say, it's getting more and more difficult to find someone who is reliable, someone who really cares about you.

 These times, we realize how much our family is important to our lives, as well our real friends. Even though we disappoint them, make mistakes, blame them, they're always there to give us support and comfort us.

I mean, when we do something to someone else, we wait for some reward, and I'm not talking about either money nor material stuffs. The cosideration which I'm talking about is their thaks.

I just think this way: I helped you today, you were in a difficult time, and then, tomorrow, when I am in troubles, it would be very nice to have your support... But what the most of the people do is turn their back, and go away.......

It's awful... completely awful.......this is the world where I live..........


We can be born alone, die alone..... but we cannot live alone, anyway.............

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08:22 PM Oct 01 2009



hey glassy heart , thanks for your comment ^^

I just like when people leave their comments on my blogs. It do makes sense, after all, I can see that people are reading my entries :P

It's also awesome that you think the same way as me. Thank you!

07:37 PM Oct 01 2009

glassy heart
Saudi Arabia

hey i nice topic u write her,

i have read most of ur blogs , i like it, and i feel the sam as u

thx that u let me know their is others think the way i think,but my probelm is im no sharing my experince like u , i found writting defficult  and i hope to improve it