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January 23, 2008

How many times have you felt that you can't do or reach something? not because of anything except that you have some sort of disability, and by the word disability i don't mean physical disability nor mental!, just something you can't reach maybe financially, socially, or any other reason!

Such feeling would break you if you are a sensitive person, actually it would be so overwhelming that it would not let you do anything else comfortably. This entry isn't written to depress you, but it is written to enlight you if it may help in such manner.

Positivity, yeah it's great but even for the most positive person on the globe life has times that it gets so hard on you and would make you shocked up and unable to speak, wanting to be alone, but if you're smart, you should face it PRACTICALLY, (just notice that practical ain't always good specially in romance life believe me your partner would hate you for being practical) so if you manage not to look behind, disability won't be that much of a big deal to you as you won't lurk among its consequences.

Disability, I Hate You!

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12:22 PM Mar 17 2008



YEAh! It really gets on the nerves when something that seems to be everything you wanted cannot be reached for love or money! but we are not almighty unfortunately, we can only leave it behind and go ahead. maybe life will give us another chance!