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April 11, 2008


I once heared a woman talking about how she always dreamt of her wedding party even when she was so young, as young as 5 years of age she dreamt of herself walking down the aisle, while family and friends are gazing at her while everyone had a huge smile that would cause musclular clenches for two days ahead!

Seems fantastic, but for us men it shows that women are created to an extreme emotional human beings, while us men were created to an extreme rational human beings, by such statement i don't mean that women aren't smart, i don't mean that they are not as serious as men, or even not as romantic as men, yet us (men) eleminate lots of details on our ways to get something done, such details are fundamental milestones to women, and simply that's what causes the problem!

You might be wondering about which problem am i talking about!, well, through 10 years i have read over 300 articles about men, and women.
PhD holders trying to explain ways of how men and women should get along, Can't you agree with me that both men and women are seeking the same thing all along, that thing is Marriage!

Yes, if we took the case i mentioned at the begining of this entry, that woman dreamt mostly all her life about the day she'll marry someone, men as well CAN NOT live without women, but we have another way of calculating the way to get married. 

So if we understand such point so clearly, why do doctors, authers, cultivated elite keep making it bigger and bigger as if men and women can't get along without them interfereing with it!

Responsibility, Commitment, Care, Security, Stability, Devotion, Sacrifice, Understanding, Alternatives, Sharing, Those what i call marriage catalysts as connection between men and women is driven by chemistry after the first contact.

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