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that's the life




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August 22, 2008

  Miss a life. a life with someone that's never considered to be so important now to me.

  The whole summer holiday, i only spent 2 weeks staying at home with parents. Actuall i dont wanna be there, be at home. All i wish is to have a chance to meet him. while i was still in school, one day b4 i went home,  i cant help QQ-ing him. he said he's still in school too, and he's not gonna go home still 2 weeks b4 holiday ends. i said i'll be back to school again at that time. while saying that, actually i wish he could say he would go back earlier for me. but he didnt.

  God's already arranged the ending. it's what so called the destiny. i can never get out of its control.

  Day's fucking hot, too hot to breathe. i'm getting easy to get angry, easy to be silent. and i tend to have some strange dreams in which i met him with some new ways, and he's pretty another guy that fell in love with me at first sight.

  Dreams r only dreams. when you come back to the reality, you have to face it.

09:50 AM Sep 29 2008


seems like u have ever got a boyfriend.but,he's not just ur bf,he's ur dream too.that sounds ridiculous.however, i believe u will do it.u will do it with ur ways.

u ,guy?or girl?i dont know...

November 11, 2007

there's a problem in china that in despite of the developing of economy, it's getting more and more difficult to find a job for ppl, especially for those new graduates. so with such difficuties, college graduates try their best to find a good job. to judge if it's a good job, high salary is highly concerned. mostly they are looking for those high salary jobs as their goals. however, there's another choice, like you know it's still lack of talented ppl in the west part of china, and we can go there to find a really good job, with good salary on the contray of the low expense of living there and better future in our career.
   it's common for a person to try his best to find a good salary job as so that he can lead a better life, with a nice house, a cool car or anything. but as high unemployment is probably existing in our society for a long time, to do that, we are just lowing our possibility to get out of the unemployment group. and even if you catch such a luck to get a nice job you're dreaming of, you are losing lots of things at the same time, like you are not doing what you want to so that you may get bored while working, or you wont have enough space to enlarge your salary or improve your condition. whatever, when you get something, you have to lose something else.
   hope it's not gonna be a big problem when it's the time for me to find a job...

05:55 PM May 03 2008

United Kingdom


October 27, 2007

New episodes of PB season 3 r starting its releasing now, but it's really kind of too slow. though i watch every episode when it's released, but i'm getting bored. They are just doing the same thing--prison break,though it's name is just prison break--all the way, nothing seems gonna change. Michael Scofield was got into the prison, and was trying his best to break out. And it's a little pity that Sara's dead.

So i get into another american show. it's Heros. weli, it's really good i think, but a little complicated, in its story. Hope anyone 's watching it and we can share shomething.