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that's the life

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August 22, 2008

  Miss a life. a life with someone that's never considered to be so important now to me.

  The whole summer holiday, i only spent 2 weeks staying at home with parents. Actuall i dont wanna be there, be at home. All i wish is to have a chance to meet him. while i was still in school, one day b4 i went home,  i cant help QQ-ing him. he said he's still in school too, and he's not gonna go home still 2 weeks b4 holiday ends. i said i'll be back to school again at that time. while saying that, actually i wish he could say he would go back earlier for me. but he didnt.

  God's already arranged the ending. it's what so called the destiny. i can never get out of its control.

  Day's fucking hot, too hot to breathe. i'm getting easy to get angry, easy to be silent. and i tend to have some strange dreams in which i met him with some new ways, and he's pretty another guy that fell in love with me at first sight.

  Dreams r only dreams. when you come back to the reality, you have to face it.

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09:50 AM Sep 29 2008


seems like u have ever got a boyfriend.but,he's not just ur bf,he's ur dream too.that sounds ridiculous.however, i believe u will do it.u will do it with ur ways.

u ,guy?or girl?i dont know...