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that's the life

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October 15, 2007

    i watched a movie this afternoon. it's about the yuanming yuan , a chinese royal park. its building lasts more than a century, costs uncountable wealth. it's built in chinese Tsing Period, by chinese emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong. it's the richest time for china, with 1/3 population, 1/3 wealth of the whole world. but it's the same time that the western countries r starting their industrial revolution, and meanwhile, china's getting to fall behind.

    just 40 years after the emperor Qianlong died, the england and france troops attacked Tianjing (a chinese city just near beijing)  and very soon seized Beijing, the center of chinese power. at the same time, they found the Yuanming Yuan, really the wonder of the world. though they've once heard of  its mestery and splendor from their missionary, they were still shocked highly when they saw the palace by their own eyes.

    misfortune finally came down to the poor,  weak china. the troops grabbed the treasure they could take in Yuanming Yuan and destroyed these they couldnt take, and then they burned three royal park including the great wonder of china, Yuanming Yuan. the fire lasted on three days and nights. a terrible, miserable time in chinese history started.

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