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" My quiet world "

Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

May 9, 2009

If I were a bird , I would fly .. I would fly everywhere , I would know no limitations , I would spread my wings as wide as I can , I would look at the earthy creatures as completely different from me , I would sing every time  , I would never land , every place would be my home ......


If I were the sun , I would light the whole world , I would make the moon happier  , I would warm every cold place  , I would light every dark corner ,  I would send my beams to those who need them , I would never betray those who love me


If  I were the moon ,  I would share the sad their sadness , I would ask the sun for some light , I would befriend the sun , I would talk to the stars , I would make every night more beautiful than its former , I would always be a full moon to support those who walk alone at night ...


If I were a star , I would fall in love with the moon , I would sing for her the most romantic songs , I would shine and shine until earthy creatures can see me , I would never be  satisfied with only being near the moon , I would inspire the moon with what she needs ...

If I were a pen , I would write all the beautiful words , I would never write mean things , I would inspire each writer with splendid ideas , I would help students while examining , I would understand my owner once he holds me   ...

  ............... If I were a human , I would


April 9, 2009


   Dad ...

       do you remember that noisy crying girl ??

      do you remember that little girl  with those little two plaits ?

       do you remember that little girl who always runs away from you when she makes mistakes ?

      do you remember that little girl who always waits for you ?

      do you remember that little girl who always falls down ?

     do you remember that little girl whom you always call (STUPID) 

      do you remember that girl whom you lied to and said: (I'LL COME BACK )



    I HAVE GROWN UP ....... DAD 

    I'm no longer a crying girl ... I will never cry because you will not come to wipe my tears  

   Dady ... I will never shed tears ... 

   Dad .... I have no little plaits ... I 've cut my hair ... because you will not come to comb it ..

   Dad ... I will never run away ...  for I will never go wrong ...

   Dad ... I will never fall down ... for you will never come to catch my hand 

  Dad .... I liked being stupid ... because you called me so ...

   Dad ... I will never believe anyone ... for you lied to me ...

   Dad ... I will never fall in love ... for  love is only for you   

    BUT Dad ... I will wait for you until you come back ..

    SO WILL YOU COME BACK ????!!!!!

02:31 PM Apr 10 2009


Saudi Arabia

woow so amazing Saya plz keep going like that,.

btw I love Blood Plus anime, Saya and Haji did you watch them?

March 11, 2009

          A couple of days ago , I went through a fever , it was the worst fever I've ever had . This incident made me wonder what a fever is .. and how we humans are supposed to handle it ..

  I think a fever is a very hard lesson in life , a lesson from which you can be a very good person .. 

          At first you feel dizzy , you feel your throat getting dry .. after that , you feel cold  even if the weather is too hot , every bone, muscle and knuckle in your body hurts as if you had fallen down off a tower , you also find it difficult to open your eyes , you feel as if you were a piece of junk ..  then you fall asleep

when sleeping , you have the most beautiful dreams and the most awful nightmares .

when waking up you take some time to realize what's happening around you . you can hardly talk and hardly move .. you find it impossible  to imagine that you're going to get well you look around at those who feel well and want them all to feel the way you feel ..

    Finally you end up feeling desperate and waiting for your health to get better

    How weak we humans are !!

And with all this weakness , we are haughty  , we underestimate each other , we hurt each other , we lie , we laugh at each other  and many other shameful things ...

  I wonder  ... when will we stop ????

   I think that humans are shame ...