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" My quiet world "

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Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

March 3, 2009

    People have always been saying " Put the past behind your back " , " do not turn back " ..

They always say :" If you want to succeed and start anew , forget the past ..

" why should I forget the past ?? why should I throw the most important part of my life behind me ?!

So What is the past ?

The past indicates those people who will never come back ..

Those whom I met once but never forgot ..

Those whom I loved forever 

.. The past is a happy sad moment has gone forever

In the past I have my father , my grandmother , my faithful friend and my real self ..

The past is the precious store of beautiful memories where you feel as if you were in a dream from which you never want to wake up..

The past is the treasure that must be kept forever in one's heart..

If the past was not that important , history would never exist, The past is a source of inspiration ..

The past is a source of strength ..

I will never forget my past , I will never be a traitor ..

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06:02 PM Mar 04 2009



believe it, sometimes the memory of the past streaming on my mind without notice. i just enjoying this chance as like i go to see a movie. but in this kind, the star is ourself and know exactly what was happened.


we can burning a selenoide film that we saw till we can not seeing it again, but we have no acces for touch our selenoide film about our past.

02:38 PM Mar 04 2009

Otonashi Saya
Saudi Arabia

everyone , thanks for replying , I'll be better with your opinions  ..

regarding my topic , what is meant by " why should I forget the past " is that nice past , that unforgettable past , that brilliant past , that past which made you feel proud of yourself , that past in which you have those people whom you love ..

I'm sure that you all have that kind of past ...

Don't  you feel nostalgic  ? 

to speak frankly , sometimes I feel happy and  proud for  having such memories , and I agree with you when you say that we should forget that dark side of the past  and go on with hope for the future ....

when I wrote this topic I was feeling nostalgic to my days at school that's why the topic come like that 

Thank you again..



12:21 PM Mar 04 2009


Syrian Arab Republic

sorry saya what u should forget it ,is the memories that make ur heart cry all the time.

in my case i think i must forget some bad memories but i couldn't ,i hope that one day i 'll change them to somthing good,Laughing.

happy days

12:33 PM Mar 03 2009



Don't forget the past, forget the bad memories, or at least put them in a corner deep inside urself and don't think about them.

No one could forget his past, it's a part of our present and futur.

12:26 PM Mar 03 2009


Saudi Arabia

When people say " forget the past " it does not mean to erase it from our minds,, the past is what built us to be who we are now. We are always related to our past, our believes, principle, style of life, all of these things made us. We need our past to go on in this life,, we need it.


But people say this sentence for those who live in  sadness, loneliness , in the dark because of things happened in the past ,, 

we shouldn't be sad of our fathers, friends, all whom we love.. we should be proud of them tell their stories to our sons, people, and everyone so that they become alive forever .


sorry for the long comment ,, 


nice topic by the way. ^^