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the peace blog !




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December 25, 2008



i  want you to live each moment in peace  and happyness


this a  great song take a moment amd just listen to the words and it you want you should sing too


enjoye !


 have a peacfull life !

bye bye  ..


05:03 PM Dec 25 2008


Viet Nam

Thank you for the beautiful song.

December 25, 2008



hello ! who are you today ? i hope you feel good and happy  !

i want  you to take a look at this vedio ..

i hope you enjoy !


peace on earth:


have a good life

bye bye !

December 25, 2008

hey people ..

how are u ?

i am hope you feel good !


we all want peace and a good life !


peace is :

state of not being at war; harmonious relations; silence, quietness; tranquility

toghter we can make a great world which we would like to live in !

we need to be happy that we were born !

we have the power to change ! the world

what you think ?..

dont you want a peace ?

would u want someone to hate you ?

 if not so lets start to do peace between the people!

between us and yourself !


we just need to love each other !


have a good life and a peacfull life with a lot of love  !

bye bye