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October 10, 2012

Which one do you prefer? A president who can sometimes act like one of us sincerely or someone who is generally unsympathetic and serious!

This question appeared in my mind when I was watching a Talk Show on CNN in which the current US President Barack Obama participated as a guest. In the middle of the program, the speaker suddenly asked the president whether or not he occasionally homebrews in White House. The answer to this question from Obama was 'Yes' in a very sincere way. While everybody was enjoying the second question appeared as follow: 'So, do you have a licence for it?' At the end of the conversation the show ended with loud laughters of the audience. 

The most important and interesting part of this story for me is that even if you are president of a country (we are talking here about US) you can drink beer with people and even homebrew in White House. Although you can not homebrew in White House, at least people can ask you whether you do or not. 

Therefore, I really like the attitude of Barak Obama in a talk show On Air. It reminded me that we are all human beings. As a conclusion, I prefer a president who can sometimes behave like one of us. 

And what do you prefer?

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