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"My heart"

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July 18, 2007


It was the first time that i saw YOU... I thought i could not breathe.Embarassed..How should i put it??? You did not belong to this planet... You are a PRINCE ....a PRINCE in a fairy tales....Time was running, were both in LOVE...you teach me how to smile,,Smile, we keep on dreaming that we belong together..... but when the time comes ,Our HEARTS turn in to a pieces...tears was runningCry Its hard to let GO.....But your song was still there,,, always remind of you! "WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE, i could face the world".

I want to remembered as a GIRL.SmileWho's smiles even though her HEART is broken and the one who can always brighten up your day even if her couldn't brighten her OWN............

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01:38 AM Apr 07 2008



Dear Tetay:

        Hi.tetay,in my opinion.if you want to smile .

you just think the good thing and listen to the nice

music.that all.

01:44 AM Aug 01 2007


 hi! its really cool to be inlove but sometimes our heart had lots of pain but we must be strong of what we had experience coz GOD will help us.....

02:54 AM Jul 26 2007


Hi, Tetay

you have good thoughts!

i like it!


09:09 PM Jul 19 2007



Hi, Tatay.

Nice to meet you.

The article is really great.

I love it very much.Smile