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November 27, 2007

Snow, snow-storms, snowmen, winter cold… I like these things so much! Seeing on fallen snow-flakes is very fascinating way of spending time for me. And winter games, snowballs, skating, skiing, sledging, hockey and many self-made games, are so funny and cheerful amusements. And when I have a romantic mood (It happens not often:)), the kisses with boyfriend under the snowfall will stay in my mind long time…

Today we had the second snowfall this year. (The first one was near 8th of November) Hm… ‘snowfall’ is very strong word, maybe it’s better to say, that there some snow-flakes fell down :)) and melted instantly. Anyway it was cool snowy day:)

Two days ago I called to my friend from the USA, and she told me about the big reductions on prices of different things in shops, super markets. And the next big shopping day she will have on 22nd December. :\\\ Why don’t they exist in Ukraine? Eeeeee… I would make so many purchases if they are… Anyway, money is never enough for me when I’m in some shop:)

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