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November 21, 2007

You know, today I’ve done one cool thing (as for my mind).

I know that in USA the national flag is something very important, special for people. I’ve seen it everywhere: on the houses, buildings, at the street, in the people hand and even on pants. In Ukraine you can see national flag only on the state buildings and rarely in other places.
Why? May the flag be the expression of patriotism, love to the Motherland? I think not at all but it may be. So… Ukrainians aren’t patriots of their country!? Maybe after the long dependence of Russia government and belonging to big community of Soviets Republic it lost its national identity.? I don’t think so. I believe that despite repressions, suffering, political turmoil and ecological disasters, Ukraine’s spirit and national identity have never died. I know Ukraine’s patriotism will revive with new wave. I think must be changed the generation of people before. Because almost all old people is still belong to USSR and Russia. Unfortunately…

So let’s return to thing that I’ve done. I’ve hung up the flag of my country on my house. It’s so beautiful blue-yellow width. You can see the picture in my profile photos.

What can you say about your national flag and patriotism?


November 20, 2007

Hi everyone!

I'm new on the Ebaby and I hope I'll meet many interesting people here.

I'd like to tell you about myself. I live in Zaporizhia - the city in south-central Ukraine near the Azov sea(or maybe  lake is more suitable word:)) I'm a pupil of 11th form at school. Or I'm a pupil of high school(we haven't such an educational system).
Next year I'm going to enter the University in Kyiv - the capital of my country. My future profession will be international relations with specialization in journalistic.
I play guitar in the group. I like music very much!
The second my big passion is football. Maybe it's not very girlish game but I like it (not only for sports boys running in shorts:)) My favourite clubs are Dynamo Kyiv, Shachtar, Chelsea, Lyon, MU, Liverpool.

So... Write me


01:18 AM Nov 21 2007

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


how r u ?(( in my country we have to start the conversation with this queistion )) .

my favourite international team is Brail , so I love all clubs who have brazilian player like shaktar in your country . my favourite player is Ronaldo, I love him very much . in the end I hope that I'll be your friend .

write me. 

best wishes

12:12 AM Nov 21 2007


United Arab Emirates

it's interesting 2 read about ya. u r agood writer. u will be perfect in the mejor u have chosen. i wanna be ur friend.




u know in the  end of ue quete ur weote kiss, u know ur nik name posya has sound in  few countrries mean= kiss 

posa = kiss

hahahah  in arabic and some part of india