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April 1, 2011

A preacher, who was "humor impaired," attended a conference to help encourage
and better equip pastors for their ministry.
Among the speakers were many well known and dynamic speakers. One such boldly
approached the pulpit and, gathering the entire crowd's attention, said, "The
best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman that wasn't my wife!"
The crowd was shocked!
He followed up by saying, "And that woman was my mother!" - The crowd burst into
laughter and delivered the rest of his talk, which went over quite well.
The next week, our pastor decided he'd give this humor thing a try, and use that
joke in his sermon. As he approached the pulpit that Sunday, he tried to
rehearse the joke in his head. It suddenly seemed a bit foggy to him.
Getting to the microphone he said loudly, "The greatest years of my life were
spent in the arms of a woman that was not my wife!"
The congregation inhaled in surprise. After standing there for almost 10 seconds
in the stunned silence, trying to recall the second half of the joke, the pastor
finally blurted out, "...and I can't remember who she was!




March 30, 2011

One day, the phone rang, and a little boy answered.

“ May I speak to your parents? ”

“ They''re busy. ”

“ Oh. Is anybody else there? ”

“ The police. ”

“ Can I speak to them? ”

“ They''re busy. ”

“ Oh. Is anybody else there? ”

“ The firemen. ”

“ Can I speak to them? ”

“ They''re busy. ”

“ So let me get this straight -- your parents, the police, and the firemen are there, but they''re all busy? What are they doing? ”

“ Looking for me. ”

01:43 AM Apr 01 2011



haha~lt's so funny  XD

07:24 PM Mar 30 2011



LooL big time man

thanks for it