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January 3, 2010

   he is great , but i am suck . he look so cool that nearly every girl in school were addicated to him . he is a drug for us

    maybe he is too shine that he cannot focus on me , and i pretent i didn't like him . we were close friend at school  , but you know , i don't want to be your friend any more , i want to know more about you .

   i am so afraid of your rejection ,  it 's nice to be with your side , eventhought we just can be a friend , but that's enought for me .

    have a good day .

November 13, 2009

      How can I get rid of it ???
  Mobile phone ,what a wonderful invention?!!
  Though it looks small and tiny , it could closely connect all of us
   In the past years , people communicated with each other by writting a letter.Nevertheless this way was not secure .
   It would be sasily stolen bu some meaning person.
   And senting a letter cost too much time and energy,or this thing may be emergency .Waiting was diffcult to endure.
  In the modern society , the world totally changed upside down
   Electric products have taken place of books, letters
and sending SMS is more safty and convenience . But it would lack of emotions . I mean, people could read their minds, thought their handwriting. It's more pleaseat to receive a letter than SMS
  Things was not good since I got a mobilephone as a gift from my dad
   I uesd to be a good student who study hard in school and playhard out of it .
   But now , I could not control myself from playing mobilephone and focus myself on the class either.
  I gradually lost myself. Mobilephone means drug to me . on thing i am certain that it may be too late for me to get rid of this
  I maybe in a trouble but i didn;t know what to do next
  I have tried to go to school without bringing it
  But the effect is not obvious
  To me , mobilephone is like a ghost who is always surrounding me and driving me crazy
  but one thing is certain, when you hear a voice from the phone , that voice was real,just like the man who you talked is right tand next to you
   weir ,hem?
   I have asked myself thousand of times.
   It not only control my senseds but emotions .

   Any advice??
   waiting ..................

November 13, 2009

     Spring festival is the most important traditonal festivals in china .
   During spring festival ,elderly people give money to children as gift,which    We called "lucky money" in chinese .
   However ,not all the children spend the money properly ,they waste it in comperter games, prongraph book ...and the like
   Obviously , it;s  not good for children to have too much money at their dispond .Too much money at their hand may change their sense of values and outlook on life . So ,we should change our ways of expressing good wishes by given money or at least there should be more instruction from parents on how to use the money wiselu. In my opinion , when a child is young , he or she saved the money in the bank , when the child grows up,maybe 16 years old , parents can give the savings account to the child and  help with plans to spend the money.
    The money should be used to help others who  is  in need .Like in hope project or it could be used for his or her fare in collage .