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United States

June 3, 2010

I believe that it is important to have a positive attitude in the morning which will lighten your whole day.

Every day when we wake up, the very first thing to do is to look at yourself in the mirror and ask 'What is my attitude toward life today?" and the answer is "positive as usual".

My morning is time to make up, perfect smile and make sure I have a positive attitude running inside :). Sometimes i fail to have it but at least I'm always putting in some effort to get it.

 I saw an amazing positive attitude in life. Christ a  guitarist, song composer, a customer  and a friend of mine....Christ patronizes our place as a customer regularly.

he's used to be a business owner. He got a car accident about over 10 years ago which resulted in his serious health problem. Hospital became his house over 1 year. I never ask him too detailed about his health problem, I just dont wanna retouch his wounds. Christ told me about his life after the car crash, he is still alive but definitely his body can not function as a normal person. He is living with joy, hope and a great positive attitude. He plays guitar, compose music, perform music in musiums, parks...he finds the meaning of life in everything he does.

Life always has its obstacles, be prepared to avoid or jump over them. if you fail, so what? stand up and go on with a smile. It is said "Failure is the tuition pay for success".

Keep a good attitude!!!!!

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View all entries from Jolene's Blog >

05:44 PM Jun 03 2010



jolene-ngoc , I quite agree with you , It is important to keep a positive attitude, attitude is altitude. Keep on smile