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United States

June 9, 2010


Beautiful yellow flower fields, out of trolley’s windows where she’s sitting, letting her mind to wander, breathing in morning fresh air, breath out all anti-good day stuffs, “a new day has come”.....

It is flower up hill. It’s flowers down hill. How beautiful they are! “thank you for making my day”.....

A thought plash in her mind every time she see something that make her happy, ‘mom and sisters would also be happy to see this…”. Her neighbors and friends back in Vn said “you’re lucky to be in the US, a great chance”. Is she? There is no yes or no answer for this. So far … it’s all experiences… and she believe that all those experiences make a new herself (hopefully it is a better version, no bug :), who is gonna be tester :)....

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View all entries from Jolene's Blog >