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United States

June 12, 2010

I had an early graduation on June 11th. Still have 1 one quarter to go but school just holds graduation ceremony once a year so I gone through this one a little bit early.

Graduation, the rite of passage. It marks a milestone in my life, a turn from school to work. I had to thanks millions to Dr. Mike who I hold in a high respect. He is our school president, a great leader but have a very solf and warm heart. I feel like a father-daughterhood between I and he. I feel blessed that I got to know him.

Graduation, the day to celebrate, the day acknowlege my achievements. I'm pround of myself :), lots of hard work, lots of sacrifice, sadness, stress....has been traded off for this acomplishment, this happiness, this glory...although this is not the final....but this achivement will open the door for the continuing journey.

graduation, I saw moms and dads, sons and daugters they are all happy to celebrate. deep inside I felt a bit lonely. I did not sing the song "lonely, Im so lonely, I have nobody..oh oh oh..." of Akon. :). My family is far a way, they can not present physically here with me, but I know our hearts are never far from each other. I know how to manage emotions throug time. :)

It is still a long way to go.........


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02:23 AM Jun 13 2010



touched by ur words,i know ur feeling,cause i am also far from my home but better than u.