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United States

June 15, 2010

I got to work a little bit early on Saturday. I missed my Saturday mass. By the time I got the door, my manager John told me "Someone gave you flower" with a tricky smile. "are you joking?" I asked. "I'm serious" . There it is , a red rose was sitting on a glass on top of the refrigerator. Later on I found out it was from Christ. :) all of my co-workers keep teasing me about the rose.

Christ came to our place in the late afternoon. He finished his performance in OldTown San Diego. He asked me about the rose if I got it or not. He said that that day was Lady day so he gave me the rose :). He took out his guitar and played a classical song. The music was beautiful, I love it.

It's been a while I haven't received flowers. Thanks for making my day!


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08:33 AM Jun 16 2010

United States

thanks for all comments.

By the way,

@palamgm: I had a hard to understand what you wrote here ;). please be more specific.thanks!!! maybe you haven't read my previous posts so you dont get it why I post this entry. Thanks for reading anyway. have a nice day!

06:11 AM Jun 16 2010



hi good life

04:27 AM Jun 16 2010


hi you there why see gave you the rose you so post tell ha that is this my friend who gave me this or you call the passion and tell ha to com write now.you play a very risk part of that. friend George from gambia  

11:09 PM Jun 15 2010


have a nice day.. :):)