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Nina Blog



February 28, 2008

To know what we want is really important, in that way, life is meaningful, no matter what the goal is and no matter if it is magnificent and no matter if we can acheive it.

 Sometimes, I want to change my life. I don't like day by day repeatedly.

February 24, 2008

"Interview with the Vampire", I watched this movie last weekend for the second time. The role Brad peter figured, a pale, noble, sentimental vampire, appeals to me deeply in my mind. I like the dark background, superb finery, horrible bloodsucking scene and vampire style loneliness in this movie. I still remembered the first time I watched it, the time during SARS period, when I was a freshman.

05:00 PM Feb 25 2008



i will watch it someday~all recommended by you are good or meaningful~

January 31, 2008

Happy lunar new year to everyone here and especially to my friends.

I will have my spring festival holiday from tomorrow.