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My poetic works :)

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September 24, 2008

Erratic ripples of sweet memories swaying in from every horizon of my amorously bashful undulated heart beat, Subdued mists spread all around the Alps of my vision,Waded through clouds of utter tentative passions and missions, I set out for one purpose to find a reason for my being,I crossed the oceans alone to find my very inner voice and core of souls scrupling things swing, My ways all ebbed by unfulfilled hopes and lascivious mind drives, engrossed in and out of the circle of fretfulness and gripes, My ways all ebbed by far fading blithely blossoming ruminating sweet little dreams I envisioned as a tot, My ways all ebbed by plethora of snags laid all across the road to ecstasy and fulfillment of being a whole person, My ways all ebbed by folks showing me down and disbelieving my conscience my trust my very own identity, My ways were all ebbed by these and many more heart tearing whys and wherefores until now as I did raised above to take a birds eye over my ways which lead to my misery and the ones which had the secret of triumph, Ebbed my ways were all my life and now I see the water of greatness flowing through, Through the ditches and hallows of my existence,Through the channeling of eternal divine energy,Through the hearts of those care and love me,Through the highways of spirituality to moral authority, Ebbed my ways were all my life and now I see the sands of time flowing into my favor, Ebbed my ways were all my life and now I see the greens of attainment growing in my once barren garden of agony, Ebbed my ways were all my life and now I see the same very life with so much more to offer, Ebbed my ways were all my life and now I see the tapering paths widened to its full glory, Ebbed my ways were all my life and now I hear the songs cheering me up and voices soothing my ears, Ebbed my ways were all my life and now I sense my victory over all bleak downbeats of odium, 

Ebbed my ways were but that’s all past as now I live along the shores of my whole being…

originally posted on my blog on mocospace www.mocospace.com/qtluvbug

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View all entries from My poetic works :) >