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My poetic works :)

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September 24, 2008

Intervening between the forces of nature and our incomprehensible fantasies rests many astute folks and spotless monks, There are thousands living a lie and many more don’t even try, it’s all but nothing the creation of deceptive minds, Vapid as it may seem the realities are far bitterer than the slurred parsimonious hindering blame games, What is wrong with us and this mighty world?Where have been all the chaste souls gone why some of us are left alone? There are two sides of life and one which we live is below the one which we seek to live, what can flip this upside down is nothing but our firm absolute celestial believe,

Innocuous are punished and the sinners esteemed,What make me insecure are the ones who are so mean,They the devils why do demean us for just meager reasons? Forget the imitating heartaches caused from your past,And the ones which exist from birth to the time we would end in dust and not last, Gambling with priorities and ones concerns,

It’s a bet to win when we loose our very own self as a person…

originally posted on my blog on mocospace www.mocospace.com/qtluvbug

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View all entries from My poetic works :) >