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My poetic works :)

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October 16, 2008

Through all my life I kept something lingering in a corner of my mind my being,

I kept myself distanced from what I know as my vision my voice my soul my being,

I hid the treasures behind the irrational world, I kept apart my being,

I lied to myself and others for just the sake of bitter venom pinching me my being,

I kept running from myself my very own being,

I found I had made myself a riddle, a victom of self gorging psych, a question and
a person so not me at the place I never supposed to be,

I want to get out of all this from all those cold blue nights into the shining bright stars,
envisioning my real being,

I love the days when I finally get to sit with myself alone dreaming my own being,

I keep drowning in the hues and cries shouting within this is not me,
please set me free from this who I am not supposed to be,

I chose ways leading to nowhere near my needs my true self being,

I traded away my soul for bounties unsustaining, I dumped reality of my being for luxurious means,

I have taken it much now no more living a lie I want to be me and live my being...


orignally posted on my mocospace blog


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