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My poetic works :)

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November 10, 2008

Daisies of smugged mulls growing and frowning on the fertile plains, on the sea of everlasting infectious trailing memoirs,

I am falling into the crater of smugged mulls,
there seems no end of this hasty traumatic bulls of turmoils,

Dulled out pages of historic times gone by,
they always demean the way of my inner noises,

I am falling behind and before the worldly race,
I am getting far far into territory of smugged mulls,

Angels told me once in dreams I had,
that I don't see what I am supposed to when I don't see I am not looking at what I was supposed to, and when I don't look at what I was to look upon it's too late to comprehend whether or not I perceived the right perception I was supposed to,

Demons get hold of me through rationalizing my spirit and taking my unsatisfied being into smugged mulls,
I tried and lied again, I got frighted and but fought again and again with venomous being commanding me my innocent faith, playing games being a satanic mate whom I hate,

Choler did I felt as he the evil inside me craved for animosity and wrath, It took me long for my forlornly feeble seed of righteousness to grow as I was mulling smugged feel,

 I am what I am not what I am looked upon to be,
I realize the world may not need more of me to be what I am but what they want me to be,
It's pretty clear you see no ones happy with what they get for free... I know I am thinking apart from you and that's why I say I think hell a lot more than I ever knew,

Gaze over my words until you see the meanings mystified and dissolved,

How often do you see what I see you embarking on and over again unto those islands unexplored by our confined senses?

Answer me do you perceive it now, still not sure than drag yourself over my words and fall into the crater of smugged mulls... you will see enlightenment of your self reflecting in my words, so expand your vision from now on and see the sea of reality and morality...

I am writing or wondering I am still falling into smugged mulls...

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View all entries from My poetic works :) >