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My poetic works :)

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November 24, 2008

flakes of snow and jingles of angels flying high,
sigh I can not go there as I don't fulfill its necessity,

I wandered on earth wondering it to be Eden,
I see why not I am erred, I keep looking for a back door to heaven,

Can it be there or can it be there not is a question mystic ?

Wouldn't say it is incontestible because as it goes nothing is impossible so why not a back door to heaven for those ill filled folks who seek it but not obligate to its rules,

I guess there are no tools to fool a way around that eternal bliss,
Travel with me into this journey to find a back door to what we all dream to go but live in hell of mortality,

Come lets discover the way around and beyond of the shores we exist,
Before we begin wouldn't it be nice to question us why do we need a back door when we have straight defined way, why do we stray and shy away of that way ?

May be because we are too in love with all that worldly charms,
May be because we forget where we came from no where to here and we would be back to no where,

May be because there is a race of being ahead keeps us so occupied that we barely take time out and realize time is running out of our hands,
May be because we fell prey to the hunting of atheism,

May be because we are just so mean to be meaningful and reason what purpose do we serve,
May be we do want every thing our way , and we don't want to change our ways to acquire things which sway,

So now getting back to the journey we left before,

How could you see the water freezing without allowing it to cool? Likewise how could you explore a way out and around every chore,

Heaven is there believe it or not, doors are there every where not just a back door, it's upon us to use the right key to open our way to from ever to forever, from dark to light, from wrong to right, from indulgence to sapience, from mortality to immortality.

Eden is there for who wish it to be there, It's open to those who abide by its laws and those who see there is no back door to it as it's the same from every way in and out,

The only way into it is through the door we have kept locked ourself for long, yes it's within us which we don't acknowledge, look down under your soul there is a key to mould and behold the door to heaven...

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