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My poetic works :)

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November 24, 2008

Dwelling in the arcane world, they always try and hid before cruelty and severity of creepy masks,

Who is there to see those who are in sanctum of their own conscience ?

Folks everywhere are trying to comprehend on what they overlook , it's nothing but solely their own soul what they don't look inside, it's what they forget and neglect,

We all find solutions to overwhelming problems scattered everywhere not at the place problems are but where we think they are,

It's about who we take ourselves as and to what we see from the very end we are at,

The stage of world is a game intended very beautifully crafted to its very detail but why don't we see the beauty ?

The answer may be simple we don't want to see it,

To get ecstasy of being one we want we oversee what we are now and what we would be then,
Why don't we appreciate the threads which sewed our life with our soul, the energy we hold and what is that which is never told,

Allow the surroundings to cater you for and make it happen what you will through your connection to the source of intentions,

Be kind and let kindness love caresses flow no matter how cruel everyone everywhere bumps you down,
Just be sure to assure no one hates love for what is it,
because though all your intention to love can make once dead emotions to life, you may never know for yourself the power of simple smile you give away the gesture of love which stays in heart with no dismay,

How can you correct whats wrong by wronging it with and blaming condemning the very situational factors?
Resolving takes so little than you ever thought,
It's to have and live a feeling to be what you weren't feeling before, acknowledging its all the part of the game intended and pretended,

I may not succeed without synchronizing myself with my own self my source of energy my soul my conscience, I can and can't witness what's wrong I am able to see but am blind I live in arcane sanctum of my imagination and incarnation...

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View all entries from My poetic works :) >