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June 6, 2009

Ever since I took hold of my world and realized myself as an living entity I am spell bounded by how nature works,
since then life took me along with ups and downs , I did experienced it everyone wanted to live as he/she never will die,

I was brought up to see living people die every now and then and the media made it a daily news of blood and gore,
It was initially all murky and gray which eventually stored it self in my psych as just another day to day news of fray,

Days passed so did months and years , everyone is in hurry to acquire more and more to feed his ever growing hunger for money,
relationships are stranded and lies duality is built, no one cares for any one except for themselves in the ever accelerating gamble of life and strife,

Envy and hate is every where , ego full attitude roars out the streets, minds are bogged down with just one thing,
how to win, to defeat others, to set aside and do what ever it takes to get ahead in the race for existence,

In all that what I saw and experienced it all seemed ok to go with the flow as would our conscience suggests our psych,
flawed is the world so flawed is I am and it all goes flawless in the weirdest manner never to be conceived by our drowned into mortality soul,

Sometimes everything comes crashing down as apocalypse took over you and your world seemed to dilute away,
the question I asked myself when shall I finally have the purpose to live not to die ? answer never came from the silent shores dwelling inside me,

Reminisce fine old past looking always to be good than the present, who does not wants to switch back into time,
we leave behind many tender emotions, caresses , mesmerizing cherishing playful happy times, memories which always pop out with tears,

Once ye feel the pain of loss, loss of life of not ones seen far away, but of one who lived up with you and made memoirs written unto passed away times,
Once ye feel that , life is never the same again... truly I can say one thing for sure in what two decades of existence I found most poison reality,

Death may seem easy to end yourself to curtail every problem but it's real difficult to live up and see the one who cared for you die...
Silence evokes madness in some and ends happiness for few, umbrella who kept us once in it's shade is now no more,

We are designed to ignore and live, but once ye feel the pain ye never ignore what life is worth for ?
we hated some and when we lost we want them back, we love few and lose them anyway , it is the game of life and death playing,

I acknowledge I did not bothered to see what is my destiny, not only mine but each and every living being ,
It is to rest in peace one day under the mud and after few months nobody cares to look back at you,

Our names would be diminished forever, world would again grab people into illusion,
though some will cry for months and years and eventually tears would dry up and life keeps moving ahead,

Uncertain is the bubble of life, so delicate but we never ponder what death is...
Life is to death and death is to life and this cycle goes on and on...

death breeds in a new life, as mortality ends with immortality..

I wonder why we don't feel the pain , Why we forget we are living a lie.....
life is nothing but a matter of few illusions leading finally our bodies to die and souls to dry...


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