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My poetic works :)

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July 27, 2009

 SomeHow I am not me


I am out and away but somehow someone walks right through me,
I am poisoned to sway but somehow someone makes me free,

I am destined to be betrayed but somehow someone induces anguish of trust in me,

I am no more the person I used to be but somehow someone is still with me,

I am not valid enough to feel emotions but somehow someone cares to sense it withering me,

I am down and stuck in the webs of illusions but somehow someone takes away my life and give me back to be me,

I am lost in the desert of my own conscience but somehow someone directs my ways through divine compass,

I am the ocean of unimaginable pain but somehow someone breathes life into my numb being and I am left as ocean drain,

I am the one who sought the tangible depths of unexplored galaxies within my soul but somehow someone let me cruise to and from the shores once closed,

I am riding the horse of hatred to the castle of evil but somehow someone changes hatred with love and evil to peace dove,

I am being slapped unto the anvil of ill thoughts, I am carved out be a sword,
I am violent and fiercely bashful until somehow someone melted me down again and again,

I am no more the wisdom holder of the trauma faced but somehow someone is there to embed sapience in me,
I am yet ready to die alone , but somehow someone keeps my breath linked to the throbbing heart,

I am still wandering the barren lands of humane behavioral limits, but somehow someone is there to lead me out and away,
I am no one without the one , the one who blessed me with life, someone who cares for each and everyone either dead or alive.


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