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April 18, 2009


Several years ago I was considering the phenomenon of "boredom". Feeling bored is indeed nothing more than a failure to pay close enough attention. Therefore the solution seems self-evident. When one is feeling bored it signals the need for a change in perception. The possibilities for new perceptions are unlimited, and new perceptions keep "boredom" out of the picture. Begin to see what is in front of you rather than what you learned was there.


 My sense is that much of our societies severe suffering of boredom results from feeling disconnected from our true authentic selves. There are many ways to approach this issue. Simply becoming aware of it is a good beginning.

Thanks for your visit to my blog. Be happy and healthy :) 


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View all entries from My Cool Blog >

08:11 PM Apr 19 2009



Hmmm I just wonder who the hell invented the boredom?Wink 

12:12 PM Apr 18 2009

Ulya aga

Ulya aga
Russian Federation

Boredom is a  desease of the modern , i agree with you... though it was know while ago... Have you read
Childe Harold's Piligramage? or a Hero of Our time??

the same problem is  taking up there, if not i would recomment you these masterpieces ..