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United States

February 23, 2008

Between a rock and a hard place

Idiom. to be in a uncomfortable  situation where there is a difficult  choice to be made where either choice is made someone or something will be lost.  

or....... at least that is how I understand it.

For example:

A fire fighter is in a burning building and he has very little time before the entire building goes up in a blaze of fire trapping him inside.  His fellow firefighter who entered the burning building with him is now trapped under some debrie that fell on top of him and while the fire fighter tries to help his partner he hears another voice inside the building on the 2nd floor.  Now he has to deceide to either help his fellow firefighter or try to rescue the person on the 2nd floor all before the building becomes a death trap for all 3 of them. 

Now that is real pickle of a situation.



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