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what's up gus (^-^)




July 20, 2013

Good eveining/morning , people of Ebaby.


When was the last time I ever wrote a blog here?  Three  years ago !!

I bet you missed me a lot didn't you ;) don't be shy


Anyway, I'll tell you what I have been doing all that time.

I disappeared from Ebaby community when I was , perhaps, grade 10.

On that year I participated in a community project called "Good Citizenship". Where we studied a phenomenon that was wide spread in our local society, gave solutions, and raised awareness in school.



My prize was this painting from my teacher -it's not a painting actully-. Well, our presents weren't that much interesting but this was useful for my room.



Another achievement I did in that year was: I participated in a writing competition and I got the first prize in my state – Oman has 6 or 7 states maybe-


This is what I got ..



Then I entered Grade 11. Nothing special happened other than getting the third prize in the same competition again.


Ohh I almost forgot. In the first semester I got the highest grade in physics in my school. –that's something I should be pride of right :$ -


In Grade twelve, I got accepted in a great program that was attempted to find Omani leaders, and give them scholarships to universities recognized world wide – like Harvard- , but I declined the scholarship when I reached the final stage , only a final interview separated between me and the scholarship. But you know what? I've changed my ming about studying abroad.


I got a certificate, and a pin.



Anddd , I was the first student in my school :$


Now, I got my twelve grade results this weak.

And I'm waiting for my acceptance in ODC –Oman Dental College-


I feel I had some great experiences and achievements in my life.


Wish me luck people.

01:31 AM Aug 21 2013



of course it wil come,,inshallah :)

01:20 AM Aug 20 2013



3amma3 , Thank you dear. God bless you.



I'm hoping my studying in college would help me improve my speaking.


I'm glad for your getting these responces.

10:37 PM Aug 10 2013



you're welcome dear, with more practice, you can accomplish it, your english in comparison with mine -when i was your age- is much more great,, you can do everything by trust on your God and on your Good abilities :)

03:11 PM Aug 08 2013



 congrats dear reemona, and May Allah make all your dreams true.

12:05 PM Jul 21 2013



Thank you Samand for your encouriging comment - I was desperate to get one :p -

Regarding that picture, Noooo my teacher didnt draw it , it's not a painting I just wrote that because I didn't know a word to call it. It's just a picture.


Thank you for liking my writing @.@ I thought I was boring

I don't have much problems in english, but I'm bad in talking english. I'm about to enter a college so I'm hoping to learn how speak english fluently and easly.

11:12 AM Jul 21 2013



good night dear Reemona, nice to meet you, i found your blog accidently and read it, you are very good in English, and as a greeting to you i can say,"well done!" you made an interesting report of your activites, i saw your prizes and that beautiful picture, really your teacher drew it? she must be very proffesional, i admire her work so much, you deserve it for your amazing  endevours! hope you will be successful always and keep your writing up! i like it so much :)

September 20, 2011



I feel  crushed :"( .. Why?


Because teenagers are so missunderstood :@


If we want phone like other of our friends, the family asks : WHY?


If we spend an hour on the internet, they ask: WHAT WHERE YOU DOING ?


If they saw us chatting with someone even a girl! They say: WHO IS 'HE' ?? I thank God every time that I don't get the keyboard on my head :D


Even the clothing has it's rules


Oh God they are so strict


I wish to have a Black Berry on my birthday :D


By the way, my birthday is on 26\6 in case someone was interested hehehehe


Two years left And I'll fly to Britain , I'll WALK if I had to :@




09:54 AM Jul 20 2013



Ofcourse dear,

I'd be honoured

04:38 AM Jul 20 2013



u r right dear this is the problem that we suffered from and now we do the same with our children. I think now u have passed this stage :) I liked all your blogs.  I think we can be friends inspite of the difference of age, cant we? 

01:35 PM Jul 17 2013



Wow! I was so young :P

07:05 AM Sep 25 2011




February 9, 2011

just something I loved while reading in the net, I mean no harm to any oneTongue out 



When I born, I black

When I grow up, I black

When I go in sun, I black

When I sick, I black

And when I die, I still black


And you white follow

When you born, you pink

When you grow up, you white

When you go in sun, you red

When you cold, you blue

When you scared you yellow

When you sick you green

And when you die, you gray




And you calling me coloured


Written by> an African kid

03:06 PM Feb 09 2011



hey ^^

thats kinda funny, I read exactly the same poem in my English course book at school xD what a coincidence!