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United Arab Emirates

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June 3, 2009


hello every body..hmm i dont know where i can start..?!


guys let me tell you what happen every day in my and sooso profile,,

we everyday surprise about the unknown guys who sends for us love message and E-mail with they phone number,,really strange

we are in English website to learn Not to get love or ....what ever..!

i will tell u some of they message..

""hi reemy ,really i was looking for some one who i can practice my poor English with,,so i can see that u are the Best One(even that his profile totally empty whish mean he is new,,so how did he know that iam the Best') really worried me..

Hope i reach to you  all my message..!

05:30 PM Jun 10 2009

mahmoud magdy

I Agree With You But Not All Guys, the important thing which i wanna you know the first goal from join in this web site learning english and known people to practice the language, any thing coming after that be with agreement between the both persons, What I Hope From You, Don't Upset, the people are different and we should to know how to  deal with this different.. Thank You  Embarassed

03:27 AM Jun 04 2009

Unjust Angle
Saudi Arabia

mmmmmmmmm if it the same person just report about him and let the upperppl here deal with him

12:46 AM Jun 04 2009


United Arab Emirates

Ohh 00"

it is seem like you all have the same problem ..

OMG,we have to do some thing

am i right " unjust, East,and Emily "

so what do u think i have to ignore them

that is what i do it really

but some of them anning me by sending million messages,,what i have do to fo >>?

thx all for comment on it

05:27 AM Jun 03 2009


Saudi Arabia

Sosoo & Reemy:

Don't be surprised girls, sendin' love massages is a normal thing..lol,, hah, kidding.

This thing happned with me lots of time so don't be afraid or upset. They send me their emails and mobiles numbers (they think i'll add them or call them, it won't happen even in their dreams)

And the best thing i did is Ignored them.

So, better to IGNORE them.


05:25 AM Jun 03 2009

Unjust Angle
Saudi Arabia

not only us it happen alot with yasser and brave too

with the same message and different names and emails

and i get a really strange one said that one got a problem and her sister got raped by guy and he from my contry and she want to bring him to court 

mmmmmmmmm really give headech

 anyway i don't give any interset to it i delete the message and live my life

05:19 AM Jun 03 2009


United Arab Emirates

really unjest ,they send for u also love letter or they number??strange ..

yeah me and reemy got tired for this subject ,then we thought to download it as a subject to discuss with each other ....

every time we delete their messages and we ignore them as bing frinds for us .

and the strangest thing is ,their profile is empty ...

05:13 AM Jun 03 2009


Saudi Arabia

lol, I feel pity for you :D

The best way to deal with such things is to ignore them and there isn't any better way than that .! I guess. And if there is something wrong in the message just report him .. 

May God help you and your friend .. ^^

05:11 AM Jun 03 2009

Unjust Angle
Saudi Arabia

mmmmmmmm i kinda get the problem 'coz it happen with me too just ignore it like never get it

February 24, 2009

here we Go..

in this game you have to creating an awesome shape to get a special PRIZE..loool

this is the Game..enter plz,


12:53 PM Mar 15 2009


oh thank you  me i love that type from cars b.m.w kills me much it is confort and powerful on raod

08:47 AM Feb 28 2009


United Arab Emirates

DC i said before that  GAME for braves just..

so if you didn't sleep or get scared Dont say to your mother ,,all that because of Reemy's Game hehehehhe

any way, thx for your comment ,and  have a Ghost OH i mean sweet dreams heheheh^^"

11:16 AM Feb 25 2009



Oh my God, he realy scarred me, haramoun alayki :). I will not sleep tonight, I'm sure I will have a nightmare, no not only one I will have nightmares.

hahahahhaha, you got me.

09:52 AM Feb 25 2009


United Arab Emirates

hehehhe so you like it..

actually this Game for braves JUST..

just like meFoot in mouth..Oopes..!

05:42 AM Feb 25 2009



ooooooooooww....believe me my sister this face scares me a lot i  didn't expect such horrified face...i can say that it's nice game for the adults like us.    thanks....i will keep this link in my own to offer it to my brother as an amazing game

February 23, 2009

 hello every Body ^^

iam sure you will ganna ask your self "even they wanna know our personality from chips" hehehhe

i know that is funny coz i also asked my self that Q...so that is why i suggest to show it to u all

here we go..

Ketchup Lays, 

 Human nervous Spellbound him that,
 Wishes deliver the right thing, even if he can’t rise to it,
 Ready for helping people ..

Sour Lays,

who is modest, timid, treat people with respect  Sometimes,  turning against toConceited, less respect with people .. 

 Hot pepper Lays,

Ambitious man, loves adventure and fun,  polite, and good-hearted, going through difficulties ..

  Salt Lays,

Romantic very human, caring, weepy, Do not like problems, reluctant, largely fearful .. 

Cheese Lays,

handsome and beautiful people like him from the first look, mild blood, fool love, but all this is turning against him ..  

So which kind of Lays u like..?