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June 26, 2009

When in love with a dream? When in love with butterflies? Forget the time, place, characters I dream in full bloom because of you, even if it is empty ... ... Hey. Each diary are incoherent. Do not know or forget to hold a memorial ceremony to remember the ... Years opened a new page The inability to wake up feeling in the passage of what (Seven-day holidays have been over the past two days) and I was standing in situ Years young As gorgeous as summer flower Water as it rushed Want to tell myself, tomorrow will be better, they found worse. Would like to note the little drops of life, they found a lot missing. Over and over again telling myself: believe in yourself and always sunshine after rain Ease of doing things, there is no insurmountable divide Heart smile every day exciting To remind ourselves again and again. I am a self-comforting in it? Only these words to see more, hear more, write more. Has not been feeling I do not like a cold soul to sit down in front of the computer. The name of the text is not angry, extremely sad to hear of the love songs. Cold cold heart, do not feel that all of the hot summer. Take a deep breath and click. I would whole-hearted pursuit of knowing in the end. My Dream..

            --Janely(it is sure,everything will be the last)
i like this songs, pls listening the music now.
  pls click
show me love
walk on by
cry on my should
Creepin up on you
knocking on heaven's door
When You Tell Me that You Love
The Tide Is High
The Magic Key
oh ma baby
Give Me Love